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BLOG – Top 5 Wednesday

So, I have started this new blog and I thought about what I wanted this first post to be. Since I had no idea what to post first I decided that I would do the Top 5 Wednesday. Indeed this is no Wednesday, and since I just realized that the clock has passed midnight this has transformed into a Top 5 Friday, Elisabeth edition.

If you don’t know what Top 5 Wednesday is I will leave the link to the Goodreads group (link here) and the host Sam from Thoughtsontomes (link here) on youtube.


This weeks topic is

“What characters would you want as your family?”

4. Lee Scoresby from His Dark Materials – Uncle
He is a great character and I love the way he is really caring, especially when it comes to Lyra in the books. Also I’d love to have him as an uncle and hear stories from his adventures traveling around the world. I’m sure he must have some really crazy stories!

3. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games series – Cousin
Okay, I know I’m supposed to choose characters because it would be fun to have them over, but I choose Finnick basically because I think he needs a hug and I want to protect him from the dangers of this world. I really loved his character in the books and I just need him to be safe, okay? Preferably on my couch with a blanket around his shoulders and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

2. Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire – Sister
Again with the protection. I mean, I have seen (read hehe) her go through so much and I mean she’s like 14 years old! That’s nothing! And I feel like she needs a hug and a family and just someone that can take care of her and share tips and just be there for her. Like, I want to sit her down next to Finnick with a cozy blanket, hot chocolate and watch some disney movies. I think it’d be good for her. To let her be the kid she really is. I have feelings.

1.Gena ‘Mother’ Newman from the Shane Schofield series – Mother
Okay. So I don’t really know how popular this book series is but if you don’t know Mother is the coolest freaking character ever. Like, she could kill me with her pinky, like… I would totally have her on my side if anything happens. Also, my fancasting for her is totally Gwendoline Christie. I mean, if that series is turned into movies or something they can’t NOT cast Gwendoline. I mean, come on. So awesome.


I could only come up with four characters I wanted in my family so far and this late at night, so four it was.
So that was my first post. I don’t know how often I will post on this blog for now, but I will keep it updated if stuff happens and I don’t have the time to post. I had a lot of fun doing this and I will certainly do more of this in the future! Also, comment down below the characters you’d want as your family members!

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