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Review – The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan

Title: The Demigod Diaries
Author: Rick Riordan
Goodreads rating: 4.19 stars
Published: August 14th 2012 by Disney-Hyperion Books

PS. SPOILER ALERT! This book contains spoilers about the start of Heroes of Olympus and the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series.


What dangers do runaway demigods Luke and Thalia face on their way to Camp Half-Blood? Are Percy and Annabeth up to the task of rescuing stolen goods from a fire-breathing giant who doesn’t take kindly to intruders? How exactly are Leo, Piper, and Jason supposed to find a runaway table, dodge a band of party-loving Maenads (who just might be a little psychotic), and stave off a massive explosion…all in one hour or less? With his trademark wit and creativity, Rick Riordan answers these questions and more in three never-before-seen short stories that provide vital back-story to the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson books. Original art, enlightening character interviews and profiles, puzzles, and a quiz add to the fun in this action-packed collection.


This is a light collection of quite short stories from the Riordan universe. I really like the short and quick glances we get at small, but unknown stories about the characters. It makes for a fun addition to the series and I seriously can’t get enough of the characters, so this is great. I have to say I particularly love the first story where we follow Luke and see from his P.O.V. It’s so interesting and I can’t help but think that it would be great with more backstories from different characters, maybe especially the “evil” characters.

My rating: 3/5 stars

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