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BLOG – Top 5 Wednesday

So, I have started this new blog and I thought about what I wanted this first post to be. Since I had no idea what to post first I decided that I would do the Top 5 Wednesday. Indeed this is no Wednesday, and since I just realized that the clock has passed midnight this has transformed into a Top 5 Friday, Elisabeth edition.

If you don’t know what Top 5 Wednesday is I will leave the link to the Goodreads group (link here) and the host Sam from Thoughtsontomes (link here) on youtube.


This weeks topic is

“What characters would you want as your family?”

4. Lee Scoresby from His Dark Materials – Uncle
He is a great character and I love the way he is really caring, especially when it comes to Lyra in the books. Also I’d love to have him as an uncle and hear stories from his adventures traveling around the world. I’m sure he must have some really crazy stories!

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